Character Traits Free Printable List

Printable List of 100 Character Traits

Character traits are unique attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that contribute to a fictional character’s personality.  Character traits can be positive or negative, and they are often displayed through the character’s actions, feelings, and/or dialogue with other characters. Click the link below to download a FREE printable PDF of 100 character traits.  

active determined lazy proud
adventurous dishonest logical quiet
afraid disrespectful lonely respectful
angry dull loud responsible
artistic energetic loving rude
bold fair loyal sad
bossy friendly lucky selfish
brave fun mature sensitive
brilliant funny mean serious
busy generous mischievous shy
calm gentle mysterious silly
careful gloomy nervous smart
caring greedy nice sneaky
cautious happy noisy spoiled
charming helpful nosy successful
cheerful honest obnoxious sweet
clumsy hopeful optimistic talented
confident humble organized talkative
confused humorous outgoing thoughtful
cooperative hyper patient timid
creative imaginative peaceful tolerant
cruel immature persuasive trustworthy
curious impatient playful unkind
daring intelligent polite wild
demanding jealous popular wise

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100 Character Traits List Free Printable PDF