18 Classroom Supply Ideas for Language Arts and Reading Teachers

If you teach language arts or reading, you need these unique finds in your life! I love discovering functional and inexpensive resources that support learning AND encourage reading. Increasing efficiency and saving time is also a welcomed bonus! The ideas featured below do just that. I hope you think so too!

Classroom Supplies for Reading Teachers
Transparent Sticky Notes

Transparent Sticky Notes

Let students write in their textbooks with these transparent sticky notes! They are perfect for annotating text, close readings, and more! If you stick with pencil or ball-point pens, you won’t have any smudging!

Teacher Book Stamp

Classroom Library Stamp

Label all your classroom library books in minutes with this self-inking, customizable stamp. Different designs and colors are available! Choose the one you like best! 

Clear Book Buddy Pouches

Take book preservation to the next level with these clear zipper pouches! They are the perfect size for storing and transporting independent reading books. They are also large enough to hold a reading log or writing journal too! If anything else, it’s a nice way to keep all the individual reading supplies (or any other classroom supplies) together in one place.

Guided Reading Trackers

Guided Reading Trackers

A guided reading tracker allows students to focus on one section of text at a time, helping to alleviate distractions and increase reading speed. This set of trackers includes the standard size and a larger size. The thicker style of the larger size highlights more of the page, but there is still a thin reading line that helps increase focus on individual words and sentences.

reading stickers

Reading Stickers

Kids are using stickers more than ever to express themselves. Laptops, skateboards, helmets, and water bottles are covered in bright sticky graphics. Stickers are an excellent and inexpensive addition to your reward system. You really can’t go wrong by purchasing a bundle of stickers. I recommend checking all the stickers before putting them into the prize rotation. Some inappropriate stickers have been known to sneak into the most innocuous bundles. 

Boho Classroom Posters

Colorful Reading Posters

These colorful reading posters are perfect for your classroom library or reading corner. Six 11″ x 14″ posters are included in this set. The posters are printed on card stock, so they will hold up over time. The company even offers a lifetime warranty!

Sand Reading Timers

One Minute Reading Timers

These one minute reading timers are perfect for fluency reading practice. Students work in pairs to complete a 1 minute fluency reading. While one student is reading, the other is keeping track of the time and fluency errors (pronunciation, skipped words, grammar, etc.).  When the minute is up, the words per minute are calculated and partners switch jobs. With enough practice, students will start to look forward to fluency practice.

Reading Comprehension Cubes

Reading Comprehension Cubes

One of my favorite Amazon finds for the classroom are these reading comprehension cubes.  They are available for a variety of text types, and they are a hit with students. Each side of the cube poses a different question or activity, keeping students engaged and on task. I like to use them as a reading comprehension station or literacy center. To read more about reading comprehension centers click here.

Multi-Colored Highlighters

Multi-Colored Highlighters

Multi-colored highlighters work wonders for reading and writing instruction. Color-coding is an effective way to provide scaffolding when teaching students reading comprehension strategies. For more on color-coding and differentiation, click here.

Clear Acrylic Bookends

Clear Acrylic Bookends

Keep your books neat and organized with these heavy duty clear acrylic bookends! They are perfect for your classroom library.  The heavy-duty design will keep all of your books vertical, so students can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Dry Erase Pockets

These dry erase pockets will allow you to use a class-sets of texts for close reading! The text is instantly turned into a reusable piece of paper, allowing students to make annotations while keeping the text free and clear for the next reader. This process works really well for small group instruction or when multiple class periods are analyzing the same piece of text.

Assorted Colors Expo Markers

Assorted Colors Expo Markers

If you use the clear dry erase pockets for reading instruction, it’s likely you will need extra dry erase markers. Look for sets of dry erase markers with multiple colors so you can use color-coding strategies with your students.

Post It Tabs

Post-It Removable Tabs

These tabs are perfect for supporting metacognition while reading, especially when students can’t write in the text. Each colored tab can be used to represent a different metacognitive marker. For example, students can use a specific colored tab to mark portions of text or words they don’t understand, while using another color to mark something they enjoyed.  With enough practice, students will internalize the process, which will allow you to drop the scaffolding.

Mini Flashlights


Flashlight reading is a fun way to get students excited about reading. It can be used as a whole class reward or as simply as a way to do something different during reading time.  You can get creative and add ambience to your flashlight reading time by hanging  multi-colored string lights (I like these because they are battery-powered) and/or projecting a cozy fireplace on your classroom wall.  Adding the sound of falling rain would really take it over the top!

Color Your Own Bookmarks

Color-Your-Own Bookmarks

Encourage creativity AND reading with these color-your-own bookmarks! They will work really well as part of your classroom reward system or as students gifts.  The clever graphics and sayings on each bookmark make them a hit for kids of all ages.

Transparent Long Bar Sticky Notes

Long-Bar Sticky Notes

These long-bar sticky notes are perfect for highlighting when students can’t mark up the text. The different colors are great for color-coding. Students can use them to identify the main idea and details, text evidence, and more!

Animal Paperclip Bookmark

Bookmark Paper Clips

Give these animal-shaped paper clips to your students to use as a fun bookmark! Your students will love all the colorful animal designs. 120 paper clips in various colors are included in this set.

Punch Cards for Students

Reading Punch Cards

Use these colorful punch cards for reading motivation. Punch out a number each time a book is finished. Incentives for getting the whole card punched out (10 books) could be something simple, like a color-your-own bookmark or gummy bear highlighter.

reading comprehension graphic organizers shop now
reading comprehension graphic organizers shop now

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18 Classroom Supplies for Language Arts and Reading Teachers