Exit Slip Ideas for Any Subject

15 Exit Ticket Prompts For Any Subject

Exit tickets are a quick and easy way to formatively assess students in minutes! A well-designed exit ticket will provide you with meaningful data that will shape future instruction and differentiation. In addition to providing formative assessment data, exit tickets can be used to open up lines of communication between student and teacher, stimulate student reflection, or provide feedback on instructional strategies.  


The purpose of an exit ticket will differ depending on the data you wish to gather. In their book, Improving Adolescent Literacy (2004), Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey identify three categories of exit ticket assessment:  

  • Exit ticket prompts that document learning.
  • Exit ticket prompts that assess the learning process.
  • Exit ticket prompts that evaluate the effectiveness of instruction.


When creating an exit ticket, it’s important to zero-in on the specific skill or concept you are trying to assess. Linking the exit ticket to the lesson objective, will allow you to differentiate between students who have achieved mastery and those who may benefit from reteaching. In addition to skill assessment, exit tickets can be used to increase participation and to encourage reflection. Click here to see eleven different ways exit tickets can be incorporated into your teaching routine. 


Like content, the format of your exit tickets will depend on the needs and abilities of your students. Exit tickets can be completed using technology like Poll Everywhere or Google Forms, or they can be completed using pencil and paper.  Regardless of the format, your exit ticket should not take students more than a few minutes to complete.  Remember, the exit ticket is not intended to be a major task, rather, a quick indicator of learning, tool for student feedback, or method of communication.

Exit Ticket Prompt Examples


The following 15 exit ticket prompts work well across content areas and grade levels:   

Summarize today’s lesson using only one sentence.

One way I can connect today’s lesson to my life is…

Something I still don’t understand about today’s lesson is…

Editable Exit Ticket TemplatesEditable Exit Slips for All Subjects

State one important thing you learned today.

Ask a question that applies to today’s lesson.

State three facts you learned today.

Two important things to remember from today’s lesson are…

Describe something you enjoyed from today’s lesson.

Digital Exit Tickets For Your Google Classroom Google Forms Exit Tickets

Describe something from today’s lesson you would like to learn more about.

Describe something from today’s lesson you would like to change.

I used to think _________, but now I know __________.

The lesson today reminds me of _________.

Explain what you learned about today in your own words.

Today I learned how to __________.

Describe something from today’s lesson that surprised you.

Sticky Note Exit TicketsSticky Note Exit Ticket Templates

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15 Exit Ticket Prompts For Any Subject