trifold brochure project ideas

25 Unique Brochure Projects

The trifold brochure wins the award for most versatile student project. The possibilities are endless! Brochure projects allow students to be creative while showcasing their newly acquired knowledge. There’s so much you can do with trifold brochures; you can’t go wrong!  Plus, brochure projects are perfect for differentiation, incorporating technology, and designing a standards-based assessment.  The list below contains twenty-five unique trifold brochure project ideas. Which one works best for your students and curriculum?


As our class sizes rise and our teacher planning time shrinks, it is becoming more and more challenging to design projects for all levels and abilities. A trifold brochure assignment allows for differentiation, making it possible to meet the diverse needs of all students in your classroom. Would three versions of the brochure (advanced, intermediate, and beginner) work well?  Would it be beneficial to encourage and develop individual student strengths?  For example, visual learners might create a brochure that includes a majority of illustrations, while linguistic learners might focus more on writing.  Read more about differentiated instruction in this article by Carol Ann Tomlinson, University of Virginia Professor Emeritus .


Want to incorporate more technology into your instruction? Have no fear; the trifold brochure project can do just that! The great part is that you can include as much or as little technology as you wish.  On the heavier end, students can design their entire brochure online. Free online applications such as include templates for brochure design, making it easy for students to create unique brochures. Students can also create brochures using Google Slides.  It’s less flashy than Canva, but it will still get the job done.

25 trifold brochure project ideas

You can also incorporate technology into the research portion of the brochure project.  Depending on the nature of the brochure, there is likely an aspect of the project students can use the Internet to complete.  I did something similar with the historical travel brochures my students created.  They completed the brochures on paper, but used the Internet to research the historical location.


We all strive to create standards-based lessons and assessments, making the trifold brochure a great candidate for checking all the necessary boxes. Since you are designing your brochure project, you have the power to ensure that it is standards-based.  The easy way to do this is to plan backward. Design the project with your lesson or assessment objective(s) in mind. Backward planning ensures that each brochure panel will showcase student learning. That way, you can rest assured that your brochure project is an intentional and meaningful learning tool.

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Using a trifold brochure instead of a typical assessment will allow your students to do something new and different. Don’t get me wrong, tests are critical to the instructional process, but assessment doesn’t always have to be a written test. In my experience, students enjoyed the process of mixing creativity with deeper levels of analysis. I think your students will too!

Trifold Brochure Projects
  • Poetry Portfolio
  • Word Study
  • Historical Newspaper
  • Travel Guide
  • Book Review
  • Primary Source Analysis
  • Comic Book
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Vocabulary Journal
  • Research Report
  • Science Lab Notes
  • Character Analysis
  • Genre Comparison
  • Plot Notes
  • Class Rules Review
  • Learning Stations Guide
  • Text Connections Journal
  • Student Goals Pamphlet
  • Museum Guide
  • Student Choice Project
  • Author Study
  • Student Dictionary
  • Creative Writing Journal
  • Parts of Speech Practice
  • Movie Review

Design your brochure project in minutes using the editable brochure templates from Literacy in Focus on TpT!  Pick from 54 mix and match panels to customize your brochure design. A template for student directions and a brochure rubric are also included! ⬇️

Editable Brochure Templates For Any Subject! 

Build Your Own Trifold Brochure

Here’s what teachers are saying about the editable brochure templates:

✏️ “I love this tool! It will make student publishing sooooooooooooo easy!” -Donna M.

✏️ “I used this resource for PBL projects for my students. Loved the ease of this design and how adaptable it was for my classroom of diverse learners.” -Rajdai P.

✏️  “This was a great resource to have. My students created brochures about the different regions of Oregon and each student got to customize their brochure, they loved it!” -Alexandria W.

Watch the video below to preview the design process. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in a few minutes!

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25 Unique Trifold Brochure Project Ideas