Elementary Classroom Reward Ideas

Classroom Rewards for Elementary & Middle School

As teachers, we know that positive reinforcement creates a supportive and encouraging classroom environment. Providing students with the opportunity to earn rewards or incentives is an example of positive reinforcement. Finding rewards that appeal to elementary and middle school students can be challenging, especially when faced with tight budgets and dietary restrictions. In the list below, you will find unique classroom reward ideas that your students will love! As an added bonus, they are budget-friendly and sugar-free!   

squishmallow stickers

Squishmallow Stickers

Your students will LOVE these squishmallow stickers! These waterproof stickers are a versatile and effective classroom reward that will motivate students and celebrate their accomplishments in an affordable and fun way. You really can’t go wrong with stickers. Make sure to check all the stickers before putting them into the prize rotation. Some inappropriate stickers have been known to sneak into kid-friendly bundles.  These neon stickers and these Disney stickers are worth a look too!  


Fidget Noodles

Fidget Noodles

Students can stretch, pull, twirl, wrap, and squeeze these fidget noodles as much as they want! They bounce right back to their original shape! This set includes 50 noodles in six vibrant colors.  


mini foam fingers

Mini Foam Fingers

The playful and celebratory nature of these mini foam fingers make them a hit with students of all ages! They will definitely add an element of fun to your classroom rewards. 


Pencil Clips for Students

Colorful Pencil Clips

100 cute and colorful clips are included in this set! Your students will love adding them to their pens and pencils. They even work with straws!


Mini LED Keychains

Flashlight Keychains

Your students can hang these mini LED flashlights on their backpacks. They are tiny, lightweight, and safe! Even better, they are available in a variety of different colors!


Scented Pencils

Scented Pencils

Anything scented is an automatic win in elementary and middle school! Your students will love the colorful designs and fun scents including bubble gum, blue slushie, pineapple swirl, jolly watermelon, and rainbow sherbet. Plus, the pencils are made from recycled newspapers! You can also get scented markers and gel pens.


galaxy stress balls

Galaxy Squeeze Balls

Keep anxious hands busy with these space-themed stress balls. They are the perfect size for small hands! This set includes 50 two-inch stress balls, made with high-quality, durable foam. The company also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


soccer ball spinners

Soccer Ball Spinners

These soccer ball spinners are small enough for elementary and middle school students to use with one hand! Each set comes with a random assortment of bright colors, making them a great addition to your classroom reward system or treasure box.


Mash Up Erasers

Mash-Ups Scented Erasers 

Students can combine these fun erasers to create scents like fruit smoothie, tutti-frutti, blueberry pancakes, banana split, s’mores, ice cream sandwich, cupcake, and creamsicle. Your students will love creating the unique scents! 



Stackable Highlighters

Learning is fun when the highlighters are stackable! Five octopus highlighters in a variety of pastel colors are included. The sixth octopus sits on top of the stack. 


desk pets

Desk Pet Pals

Desk pets are a great reward! Students can “adopt” one of 24 pets to live on their desk. With easy to remove head pieces, the pets can be mixed, matched, and swapped! There’s endless combinations. These clear dome containers can be used as desk pet “cages”.


Emoji Beach Balls

Emoji Beach Balls

Emojis make everything more fun! 12 different emojis are included in this set of 16″ beach balls.  Students can pick their favorite emoji or trade with their friends. 


rocks, minerals, fossils

Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals

Fun and educational! Students will love choosing their own rare fossil, rock, or mineral. This mega-collection includes rough rocks and minerals, polished rocks and minerals, and genuine fossils.


light up balls

Light Up Spiky Balls

Shake these spiky balls to make them light up!  The light will automatically stop on its own. This set includes 27 LED flashing bouncy balls made of soft rubber. Each ball measures about 2 inches in diameter and has an attached rope.


bubble wands

Bubble Wands

These colorful bubble wands have thousands of positive ratings! The wands are small, but the bubbles are mighty! Your students will love the bright colors and endless fun!  


Mini Play Doh

Play Doh

Play Doh isn’t just for younger kids! Students in upper elementary and middle school love it too! Inspire creativity with this set of 42 mini Play-Doh cans. A variety of fun colors are included.


invisible ink pens

Invisible Ink Pens

It’s magic! Students can write secret messages to each other with these invisible ink pens. The magic ink only appears when the UV light is shined over it. The pens come in a variety of colors and they are washable! 


pop tubes

Pop Tubes

Pop tubes make great rewards! Students can stretch, squeeze, bend, twist, and connect these colorful pop tubes. 30 pop tubes in eight different colors are included in this set. 


Puzzle Toys

Brain Teasers

Challenge students with these colorful puzzle toys! Each puzzle is individually wrapped with clear instructions, making them a perfect classroom reward! 12 puzzles with a variety of difficulty levels are included in this set. 


Pocket Notebook and Pen

Pocket Notebooks

Encourage writing with these pocket-size notebooks. Each notebook has a hard cover, lined pages, and a pen! Seven colors are included. These mini composition books are cute too! 


magnetic bookmarks

Magnetic Bookmarks

No more dog-eared pages! Students can hold their place in a book with these magnetic bookmarks. They will love the vibrant colors and cute animals! The bookmarks are easy to use, and they won’t take up too much space in the book. Plus, they won’t fall out!

Tic Tac Toe Keychain Rewards

Tic Tac Toe Keychains

Students can hang these fun keychains on their backpack, so they will be ready for a quick game of Tic Tac Toe at all times! This set includes four fun colors, so there’s something for everyone! 

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Classroom Rewards Ideas
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Classroom Reward Ideas for Elementary & Middle School Students