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Classroom Rewards for Elementary & Middle School

As educators, we understand the importance of fostering a supportive atmosphere in the classroom through positive reinforcement. Offering students the chance to earn incentives or rewards exemplifies this approach. Selecting rewards that resonate with elementary and middle schoolers can prove challenging, particularly given financial constraints and dietary considerations. All of the ideas listed below are budget-friendly and sugar free!

magnetic drawing boards

Magnetic Drawing Boards

These magnetic drawing boards are always a hit! The boards are big enough for kids to write a note or doodle a picture. Plus, the plastic clip makes it easy for kids to attach to their backpack or lunch box. This set includes 12 individually wrapped magnetic boards with attached clip and pen.

bulk fidget toys

Fidget Toys

There’s something for everyone in this HUGE set of fidget toys!  50 unique sensory toys are included in this variety pack. Your students will love the options and you will love the price! 


scented bookmarks

Scented Bookmarks

Encourage and support independent reading with these waterproof scented bookmarks! This pack of 30 bookmarks includes 10 kid-friendly scents: pineapple, marshmallow, strawberry, chocolate, pizza, bubble gum, cake, popcorn, watermelon, and apple. Kids love the fun smells and illustrated characters!


Neon Stickers

Neon Stickers

Kids love stickers, and kids love neon! Celebrate student accomplishments with these vibrant waterproof stickers. Make sure to check all the stickers before putting them into the prize rotation. Some inappropriate stickers have been known to sneak into kid-friendly bundles.


slap bracelet rulers

Slap Bracelet Rulers

Add these bold slap bracelet rulers to your prize box or use them with your measurement unit! Kids in all grade levels will love these fun bracelets! 24 slap bracelets in six different colors are included in this set.



Neon Chalkboards

Go retro with neon chalkboards! Each adorable mini-chalkboard comes with two sticks of chalk and an eraser. Encourage students to get creative with this fun prize!


stress balls

Stress Balls

It’s amazing what a 2.5″ stress ball can do! This bulk pack of colorful stress balls will make a great addition to your classroom reward system. The variety is great, and the price is reasonable!

motivational journals for kids

Motivational Journals

Encourage positivity and support writing skills with a happiness journal! These mini-journals are perfect for inspirational quotes, notes, lists, and more!


comet bounce balls

Comet Bounce Balls

Get 20 classic super balls with a galactic twist! Your students will love watching these eye-catching comets soar through the sky! Every pack comes with multi-color balls in assorted eye-catching designs with colorful shiny streamers attached.


rocket flashlights

Rocket Flashlights

Get 24 LED flashlight keychains. The compact design of these mini-rocket flashlights make it easy for kids to attach to their backpacks or keep in a supply pouch. Various quantities are available to meet your specific needs.

Squishy Pens

Your students will love to write, doodle, and draw with these adorable squishy pens! 12 adorable characters with scented glitter ink are included in this set. 


invisible ink pen and notebook

Invisible Ink Pen & Notebook

This best-selling invisible ink pen and notebook set is a MUST for your classroom prize box! The ink is non-toxic, so its safe for students. Kids can write secret messages or drawings that can only be revealed with the pen’s ultraviolet light. 16 magic pens (8 colors) and notebooks are included in this set. With over 10,000 reviews, you can’t go wrong! 



Miniature Plush Animals

32 different animals are included in this set of tiny plush animals. Students can connect these cute critters to their backpacks with the attached loop. Each animal is approximately 3 inches tall, and no two are alike!  


$100 Bill Erasers

$100 Erasers

Make it rain with these cool $100 bill erasers! Every set comes with 12 erasers. Each eraser is a 2.75” replica of the 100-dollar bill. These are fun and functional! They rub mistakes cleanly away, and last an impressively long time. 

Spinning UFO Toy

Spinning UFO

This 15-pack of spinning UFOs has over 5,000 reviews! The LED lights change patterns as the gyroscope spins, making this a fun prize for kids of all ages! 


desk pet pals

Desk Pet Pals

Desk pets are a great reward! Students can “adopt” one of 60 pets to live on their desk. With easy to remove head pieces, the pets can be mixed, matched, and swapped! There’s endless combinations. These clear dome containers can be used as desk pet “cages”.


balance puzzles

Balance Box Puzzles

Challenge students with balance box puzzles! These classic brain games will enhance concentration and support problem-solving skills. 12 puzzles with a variety of difficulty levels are included in this set, so they are great for all ages!


jelly bracelets

Jelly Bracelets

These neon jelly bracelets are fun and safe for kids of all ages! Encourage students to collect all the fun colors! 144 stretchy bracelets are included in this set, so you get 24 of each bright color.  


led rings

Light-Up Rings

These light-up rings are waterproof! Plus, the rubber material is soft and stretchy, so one size fits all! 9 colors and 12 shapes are included in this 24 pack of LED rings. The rings light up, flash, and turn off with the touch of a button.

foam tic tac tow

Tic Tac Toe Mini-Games

Have fun with a classic game! Students love tic tac toe! These game boards measure 5″ x 5″ and include colorful Xs and Os. They are individually wrapped and come in red, blue, & purple. 

Reward Supplies & Storage for Teachers: 

classroom treasure chest

Treasure Box

This durable plastic treasure chest is perfect for your classroom rewards! Use it for years to come! It’s big enough to hold all of your student rewards, but it won’t take up too much space. The oil-rubbed bronze exterior makes it look like an authentic treasure chest! 

prize wheel

Dry-Erase Prize Wheel 

Get creative with this customizable prize wheel! The dry-erase surface makes it easy to add and change prizes. It’s a perfect size for the classroom, and it’s durable, so it will last for years! 

custom scratch off tickets

Custom Scratch Tickets

Make your own scratch-off prizes! These scratch tickets are completely customizable. This colorful pack of DIY scratch-off cards comes with 50 cards and 50 scratch-off stickers. Create fun rewards in minutes! Just write your message and cover with the sticker! Super easy!

scratch and sniff stickers

Scratch & Sniff Stickers

Reward and motivate students with these fun stickers! This set includes 1,260 stickers with 15 scents (strawberry, watermelon, banana, blueberry, cherry, mint, pineapple, grape, cola, cinnamon, cotton candy, bubble gum, peach, apple, and chocolate). Each scent is separately wrapped in its own sleeve to maintain freshness. 

punny reward stickers

Punny Reward Stickers

Reinforce positive behavior with these punny stickers! Students will love the funny messages and cute cartoons. 

classroom sticker storage

Sticker Storage Pocket Chart 

Create a classroom sticker store with this 25″ x 24″ pocket chart. The pockets are large enough to keep all your reward stickers organized and accessible!

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Classroom Rewards Ideas
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Classroom Reward Ideas for Elementary & Middle School Students