Free Biography Report Template for Distance Learning

Writing instruction is difficult without the added stress of distance learning.  A step-by-step structured approach is really the only way to make it manageable. The only problem with developing a structured lesson plan that guides students through the writing process is that it takes time, something we don’t have a lot of these days.  The free biography report template provided below can be used as a jumping off point. The websites listed to accompany the research template are student friendly and filled with tons of options for researching an influential figure. If your students do well with the template, it can be used as an outline for an expository writing assignment. 

Free Printable and Digital Biography Report Template

Free Biography Research Template

Find hundreds of interactive biographies at Each biography includes an image, voice reader, and related articles and activities. All of the biographies can be filtered by grade level, making it easy for students to find text that aligns with their reading abilities. is a great place for students to find concise biographies on hundreds of influential figures. Each biography is broken down into short paragraphs and includes a voice reading of the text. Some of the featured biographies also include a list of interesting facts and/or a ten-question quiz. biographies include statesmen, leaders, political thinkers, inventors, scientists, artists, writers, actors, athletes, and achievers. Plus, each biography includes a word count and Flesch-Kincaid readability score.

Want to extend the biography report template into a full research and writing project? Click here to get everything you need for a comprehensive step-by-step research and writing unit.  A printable and digital version is included!!

Biography Research and Writing Unit

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Free Biography Report Template and Resources for Distance Learning