Free Writing Prompts Choice Board Template

Free Writing Prompts Choice Board

Use this free printable and digital writing response choice board for creative writing workshops, quick-writes, bell ringers, and more! Hopefully, the fun and imaginative prompts will make your students look forward to writing.  Each prompt includes a bit of structure to help keep students focused on the specific writing task. If you want to make your own writing choice board, the post below lists nine prompts you can use to get started. If you don’t want to make your own, click the link below to download the FREE printable and digital version today!


  • Make a list of ten things that make you happy. Support each one with a reason.


  • Sit in nature for ten minutes. Record what you see, smell, hear, and touch during your time spent outside.


  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Support your choice with four reasons.
Free Printable and Digital Writing Prompts Choice Board


  • State a goal you want to achieve. Identify at least three steps you can take to achieve your goal.


  • Imagine that you have a superpower. Describe how it works using at least five sentences.


  • Invent a new video game. Describe how the game is played using less than ten sentences.


  • Write a review for a book you’ve read. State three reasons why you liked or didn’t like the book.


  • Find five new words. Write the definition of each word and use each word in a sentence.


  • Write a recipe that explains how to make your favorite food. Include ingredients and directions.

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“This was super easy to use and really helped my students organize their thoughts and complete their writing assignments. It was easy to customize. This bundle also made for great sub plans resources. I used it for many assignments this year including helping students process what they just read. This was a favorite of mine this year.” -Krystina K. 

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Free Writing Prompts Choice Board For Kids