100 Sensory Words List

100 Sensory Words & Printable PDF List

Use this sensory word list to help students add descriptive details to their narrative writing or poetry! The printable PDF is perfect for showing students how to make their writing come alive with imagery! Click the link below to download the FREE printable sensory word list today!

Free Printable PDF Sensory Words


cool hot silky
crisp icy slippery
damp mushy smooth
dry oily thin
dull prickly tough
furry rough warm
fuzzy rubbery wet
gritty sandy
hairy sharp


bitter fruity salty
bland hearty spicy
buttery juicy sour
chalky nutty stale
creamy peppery tangy
crispy raw tart
delicious refreshing zesty
earthy rich
fishy ripe

100 Sensory Word List Free Printable PDF


acrid minty sickly
aromatic musky smoky
clean old stuffy
floral perfumed sweaty
foul pungent sweet
fragrant putrid subtle
fresh rancid vile
heavenly rank
inviting rotten

100 Sensory Words


babble croak roar
bang crunch scream
bark explode slam
blast giggle splash
boom hiss thud
buzz hum whisper
cackle jingle whistle
cheer pop
clap ring

Ideas for using the sensory word list:

  • Create an anchor chart for students to reference when writing personal or fictional narratives.
  • Have students cut and paste the word list into their writing journals or interactive notebooks to use throughout the year.
  • Host an imagery writing workshop! Use the list to get students started with descriptive details.
  • Use the word list to help students add sensory language to poems, like haikus or cinquains.


angular dreary pale
blurry dusty pristine
bright faded shiny
bulky filthy spherical
circular foggy striped
curved gloomy transparent
dark glossy wrinkled
dim hazy
drab murky

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Free Printable PDF | 100 Sensory Words List