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Presentation Grading Rubric | Printable PDF

Use this FREE rubric to provide students with clear expectations for their next oral presentation or speech! Public speaking is difficult for everyone, especially students. Getting up and speaking in front of the class is the last thing many of our students want to do. Help students prepare for their speech or presentation with a clear set of guidelines. 

Rubrics provide students with…

  • a clear set of criteria for evaluation
  • objective benchmarks for assessment
  • constructive feedback for improvement

Use this grading rubric for public speaking, presentations, and speeches. Download it for FREE today!

Free Presentation Rubric

Criteria to Include in a Presentation Rubric:

  • Content & Organization
  • Time & Pacing
  • Posture
  • Gestures
  • Eye Contact
  • Clear & Audible Voice
  • Visual Aid

presentation rubric

Get everything you need to teach public speaking! Click the link below to preview the bundle of engaging speaking and listening resources!

Public Speaking Curriculum Bundle

Public Speaking Unit

Here’s what teachers are saying about this unit:

“Our class had a great time with these tasks and I was especially appreciative of the targeted skills and activities. The learning was very clear and observable and the flow was terrific – just the right pacing.” -Rita R.

“This is a ready-to-use resource for my Public Speaking semester-long middle school elective. Great ideas and activities.” -Michelle B.

How to Write a Speech Text
What is a Sales Speech? Text
Award Speech Directions
Gestures Worksheet

Click HERE to preview everything that’s included!

  • Listening Skills
  • Voice & Gestures
  • Public Speaking Vocabulary
  • Speech Writing
  • Stage Fright
  • Speech of Introduction
  • Sales Speech
  • Pet Peeve Speech
  • Storybook Speech
  • Award Speech
  • Quote of the Day (200 Quotes)
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reading comprehension graphic organizers shop now

Presentation Rubric | Free Download

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Oral Presentation Rubric | Free Printable PDF