Do your students know the basic parts of a business letter? Can they write a professional letter using the correct format and style? If you need a business letter lesson plan with examples for middle school and high school students, you’re in the right place!

Business Letter Lesson Plan for Middle School

How to Write a Business Letter | Lesson Plan & Activities

Our students are great at sending text messages filled with emojis, slang, and acronyms, but most of them have no idea how to write a professional letter. 

The step-by-step lesson plan described below walks students through the steps necessary for writing a basic business letter. Examples, templates, and activities are included to make the process engaging and accessible for all levels of learners.


At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to write a formal business letter using the correct format and content.

Introductory Activity

  • Work together with students to complete a KWL chart about the meaning and purpose of a business letter. A business letter is a professional letter. It is used to communicate with individuals and businesses in a formal manner. 
  • Use a bubble map to brainstorm different types of business letters that students may need to write in the future. Examples include: cover letter, complaint letter, request letter, thank-you letter, letter of recommendation, follow-up letter, resignation letter, college admission letter…

Guided Instruction

  • Use this video to explain the basic parts of a business letter. As the video plays, have students write down the six main parts (sender’s address, date, inside address, salutation, body, and closing) and the format/tone (margins, block format, professional tone) of a business letter.
  • As a class, label the basic parts of an example business letter. Click the link below to download a free example letter and writing template. Point out the different parts of the body paragraphs:
    • Introduction: Introduce yourself and state why you are writing.
    • Body: Expand on why you are writing with background information and supporting details.
    • Conclusion: Restate the purpose of your letter, thank the person to whom you are writing, and offer to answer any questions.


Free Business Letter Example and Template for Students

Independent Practice 

  • Pass out or project the business letter template for students to follow as they write their letters. Click here for a list of student-friendly business letter writing prompts. 
  • Before students start writing, review the grading criteria for their letters. An example rubric is shown  in the image below. 

Business Letter Grading Rubric


Assess learning using the final draft of each student’s business letter.

Common Core Standards

W.2, W.4, W.5

Want a no-prep version of this lesson? 

Click the link below to download everything you need and MORE to teach your students how to write a business letter. 

You will get informational text, a note-taking guide, fill-in-the-blank worksheet, graphic organizer, examples, writing prompts, a rubric, and more! And it’s all in printable and digital formats, so you can use it in the classroom or online.

How to Write a Business Letter Lesson Plan and Activities 

Business Letter Lesson Plan and Video

“This has been a great resource to supplement my writing course. In higher education, even business students need to be reminded or introduced to proper letter formatting. The video is also perfect to explain that as my course is online. Thanks.” -Lisa I.

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How to Write a Business Letter Lesson Plan and Activities for Students