I Am Lucky Writing Activity

St. Patrick’s Day Writing Prompt and Lesson

Use St. Patrick’s Day to focus on the expository writing process! An “I Am Lucky” writing prompt will encourage reflection and support writing skills. It’s fun and functional! Add the final drafts to student writing portfolios or your March bulletin board.  I’ve listed each step of the writing process below. If you want to save some prep time, you can grab the printable and digital lesson here.


Start the lesson by having students fill in a concept map with things that make them feel lucky. Splitting the map into three categories (I Am, I Can, I Have) will make it easier for students to generate ideas.

I Am Lucky Graphic Organizer


A pre-writing tree map will help students organize their thoughts before they begin writing their paragraphs. Have students select one item from each category to explain why it makes them feel lucky. Providing sentence frames, like the three shown below, will help get the ball rolling.

I Am Lucky Tree Map


Use the tree maps students created in the previous step to set up the structure of the paragraph. Providing students with a sentence-by-sentence outline for writing their paragraphs, will help them stay focused and organized.

St. Patrick's Day Paragraph Outline

Rubric & Examples

If you’re using a paragraph grading rubric, now is good time to review the writing expectations. This would also be a beneficial time in the writing process to show students an example of a paragraph that meets each criteria of the rubric.

I Am Lucky Grading Rubric

Final Draft

When the paragraph outline is completed, students will be ready to write their final drafts! St. Patrick’s Day writing paper makes for a fun and polished-looking final draft. Plus, it makes the writing assignment more festive for students to add to their writing portfolios or share with parents.

I Am Lucky Student Paragraph

Click the link below to download a printable and digital version of this comprehensive writing lesson! Everything you need for a structured and meaningful expository writing activity is included! Want more ELA activity ideas for St. Patrick’s Day? Click here  view a St. Patrick’s Day lesson plan that focuses on reading comprehension and the concept of traditions.

“I Am Lucky” Writing Lesson | Printable and Digital

I Am Lucky Writing Activity

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I Am Lucky St. Patrick\'s Day Writing Activity