Personal Narrative Anchor Chart Free Printable

Personal Narrative Anchor Chart | Free Printable

Use this free printable anchor chart to introduce your personal narrative writing unit! It’s perfect for explaining the definition and purpose of a personal narrative. Click the link below to download it for FREE today!

Personal Narrative Anchor Chart

Ideas For Using This Anchor Chart:

  • Recreate the anchor chart with students. Before discussing with students, I like to sketch the chart in light pencil. When I’m completing the chart with students, I draw over the pencil lines with marker. They won’t be able to see the pencil lines, so this strategy works quite well.
  • Use the anchor chart to create a personal narrative checklist. Pause after each point in the anchor chart to discuss examples or read from a personal narrative mentor text. Click here to see a list of mentor texts.
  • If you teach multiple classes or you want to reuse the same anchor chart next year, leave the thought bubbles blank and add student contributions with post-it notes. Students can work with mentor texts in pairs or groups to find characteristics of a personal narrative that can be added to the anchor chart.
  • Add it to a writing center or bulletin board for students to reference when crafting their personal narratives.
Personal Narrative Writing Unit

Click here to download the Personal Narrative Writing Unit!

  • Step-by-Step Writing Unit
  • Print & Digital 
  • Anchor Charts
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Mentor Text
  • Checklists
  • Rubric
  • Mini-Lessons
Personal Narrative Introduction Worksheet
Personal Narrative Sensory Details
Personal Narrative Figurative Language
How to Write a Personal Narrative Presentation

Ideas For Anchor Chart Display & Storage

Jumbo Clothespins

Jumbo Clothespins

Use command strips to attach the jumbo clothespins to your classroom wall. Hang your current anchor chart from the clothespin without putting any holes in it or the wall! This is especially useful if you have cinderblock walls in your classroom.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Clips

Use heavy duty magnetic clips to hang multiple anchor charts on your whiteboard. Make sure to get strong clips or your anchor chart will start to slide down the whiteboard.

Anchor Chart Post It Notes

Super Sticky Easel Pad 

If you create your anchor chart on a super sticky Post-It easel pad, you can stick it anywhere you want! Make sure to get the 25×30 inch size so you have enough room to create your anchor chart.

Magnetic Rod and Rings

Magnetic Rod and Rings

If you’re okay with punching holes in your anchor charts, you can hang them from rings on adjustable magnetic rod. The rod and rings make it easy to flip through to different  anchor charts as needed.

Tiered Clothes Hanger

Tiered Pant Hangers

Use a strong command hook to hang your anchor charts on tiered pant hanger. This is another great option if you are short on whiteboard space and/or you have cinder block walls in your classroom. The rubber tips will stop the anchor charts from sliding out of the hanger’s grip.

Clothespin Pushpins

Colorful Clothespin Push Pins

If you’re using your anchor chart to create a bulletin board, use these colorful clothespin push pins to keep everything in place.  Push pin clips will work the same way.

Need additional teaching materials for narrative writing? Click HERE to download the editable, printable, and digital narrative writing graphic organizers! 15 different graphic organizers for narrative writing are included! Use them to help students plan and organize their narratives. Each organizer is Common Core aligned and created to seamlessly guide students through the narrative writing process.

Narrative Writing Graphic Organizers

Narrative Writing Graphic Organizers

“This was a great resource for my students to use when they were writing their narratives! The graphic organizers helped them to keep their ideas organized!” -Kerry W.

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Personal Narrative Anchor Chart | Free Printable PDF