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18 Creative Writing Prompts for Kids and Teens

Get students excited about writing with these fun and imaginative prompts! Use them with creative writing workshops, quick-writes, bell ringers, and more! Ultimately, the goal is for students to enjoy the writing process. Each prompt includes a bit of structure to help keep students focused on the specific writing task.

1.  You find a buried treasure with five items. Describe each item.

2.  Invent a new sandwich. Describe the steps to make it.

3. Write about what your life will be like in ten years. Include where you live and what you do for work.

4.  You find a time machine. Where would you go? State three reasons to support your choice.

5.  Describe a day in the life of your favorite animal. Include details about morning, afternoon, and night activities. Click HERE to download the printable and digital activities for this prompt.

Creative Writing Prompt and Lesson Plan

6.  Invent a new word, define it, and use it in a sentence. 

7.  You wake up with a superpower. Describe how it works using at least five sentences.

8.  Describe rain to someone who has never seen or touched it. Use at least five adjectives in your description. 

9.  Write a thank you note to someone from history. Include two reasons why the historical figure is important and how they made the world a better place. 

10.  You have your own personal robot. Describe three things you programmed it to do.

11.  Create a new flavor of ice cream. What is the new flavor called and what ingredients do you need to make it?

12.  Write a six word story about a recent gift you were given.

13.  If you could get on an airplane this afternoon, where would you like to go? Support your choice with three reasons.

14.  State a goal you want to achieve. Identify at least three steps you can take to achieve your goal.

15.  Write a friendly letter to someone you admire. Include two reasons why you admire that person and how you have changed because of them.

16.  Invent a new video game. Describe how the game is played using less than ten sentences. 

17.  Write a recipe that explains how to make your favorite food. Include ingredients and directions. 

18.  Make a list of ten things that make you happy. Support each one with a reason.

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18 Creative Writing Prompts For Kids and Teens