Argument Writing Topics for Students

20 Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

What is an argument essay?

An argument essay uses logic and reasoning to defend a position or point of view. In an argument essay, research, evidence, and examples are used to convince the reader to consider a different point of view. A strong argument essay also acknowledges the opposing viewpoint. This is known as the counterargument. Ultimately, the counterargument is disputed with evidence in an attempt to convince the reader to support the writer’s  initial claim. 

Argument Writing vs. Opinion Writing

It’s easy to confuse opinion writing and argument writing. Both types of writing require students to take a stand and support it with reasons and evidence. To keep things straight, think of opinion writing as the stepping stone to argument writing.  Most states require students make the switch from opinion writing to argument writing in 5th or 6th grade.

-Opinion writing builds the foundational skill set for argument writing. Opinion writing requires students to take a stand and support their choice with clear and relevant reasons. The purpose of opinion writing is to share a point of view. 

-Argument writing takes the same process a step further. Argument writing requires students to make a claim and support it with research, evidence, and logic. The purpose of argument writing is to convince the reader to consider a different point of view. 

Argument Writing and Opinion Writing

Argument Essay Topics

Should playing video games be considered a sport?

Is online school better than in-person school?

Should graffiti be considered art?

Should college be free?

Do we still need libraries?

Is physical education important?

Is homework necessary?

Should cellphones be allowed in school?

Which branch of government is the most important?

Should pets be allowed on airplanes?

Should internet access be free?

Should the Pledge of Allegiance be optional?

Are dogs better than cats?

Is math the most important school subject?

Should the school day be shorter?

Are Macs better than PCs?

Is social media harmful for kids?

Should schools have surveillance cameras in classrooms?

Should all people be vegetarians?

Should plastic bottles be banned?

Questions to Consider When Picking an Argument Essay Topic:

  • Do you feel strongly about the topic?
  • Does the topic have opposing viewpoints? 
  • Do you have solid reasons to support your argument? 
  • Can you find valid evidence to support your reasons? 

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20 Argumentative Essay Writing Topics for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students