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Safe Websites for Kids | PDF & Digital List

Use this FREE list of safe search engines and websites with students in elementary and middle school. All of the sites listed below were designed with children in mind, so they are kid-friendly and engaging. Content from the each site is kid-friendly so younger students can access and understand the information, making learning more effective and enjoyable. Plus, secure websites will help students focus on educational and age appropriate content without distractions. Download this print and digital freebie today! 

Research projects help students…

  • develop the ability to critically evaluate information 
  • gather and synthesize relevant information
  • analyze sources for credibility
  • locate information quickly and effectively
  • enhance problem solving skills
  • strengthen independent learning capabilities
  • prepare for higher education
free list of safe websites for kids
digital safe websites list

Click here to learn more about each safe site.

💻 You can use Google SafeSearch to detect and filter out explicit content from Google search results. To turn this feature on, scroll down to the bottom of the Google search engine and click on “Settings” > “Search Settings” > “SafeSearch.”

💻 It is important to review and test these sites regularly to ensure that they continue to meet standards for child safety and content appropriateness.

Travel Brochure Template and Research Project

Tested in over 5,000 classrooms!

Reinforce research and writing skills with an interactive project that is designed to work with ANY location (historic or present-day). Your students will love creating their own unique travel brochure!

  • 3 Project Versions: Full-Color, Black/White, & Editable
  • Step-by-Step Research Guide
  • Reference List
  • Student Directions
  • Brochure Template
  • Grading Rubric
  • Example Travel Brochure

Here’s What Teachers Are Saying About This Project:

✏️ “I used this template for my 6th graders, and they absolutely loved it! The rubric that came with it also made it so easy to grade them! I will be using these for other subjects, not just Social Studies!”

✏️ “Excellent Google classroom resource. Engaging activity. Students enjoyed the activity very much. Well organized. Practical. Easy to use.”

✏️ “This was such a great activity to introduce my 8th graders to research and evaluating sources. It was fun and easy for them to complete on their own!”

Historical Travel Brochure Project for Kids
Travel Brochure Project Example Picture
Travel Brochure Research Guide
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Free List of Safe Research Websites for Kids