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Transition Word List for Elementary and Middle School Students

Transition words connect ideas within a text. They show the relationship between words, sentences, and paragraphs. Transition words can appear at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence.  There are many different categories of transition words. Eight types are listed below.

List/Add: Transition words used to introduce new ideas or expand on a topic 

Time/Order: Transition words used to show when something happened or will happen 

Cause/Result: Transition words used to show the cause or result of a specific action

Compare/Contrast: Transition words used to show similarities and differences

Example: Transition words used to identify evidence or an example

Clarify: Transition words used to emphasize or further explain an idea

Conclude: Transition words used to summarize or restate ideas

Location: Transition words used to show the where something is located or the physical relationship between two things

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first, second, third to begin with in addition
additionally another next
also furthermore equally important
too finally lastly
first of all now while
once later after
afterwards earlier following
suddenly today soon
then meanwhile before
at the same time presently initially

This was GREAT for my 5th graders who were trying desperately to write good summaries! I can’t wait to use the others as the year goes on! Great to have these all in one place! Thank you!” -Melissa R.

eventually occasionally finally
immediately at last until now
sometimes so far previously
as a result therefore since
accordingly because consequently
unlike despite although
but conversely however
in contrast on the other hand regardless
otherwise even though while
nevertheless in the same way likewise

Are your students confused about placing commas with transition words? Click here to read a great article from Grammar Girl about punctuation and transition words.

as well as similarly for example
for instance according to as stated
to illustrate in other words to clarify
again in fact especially
to explain in conclusion to conclude
in summary to summarize clearly
all in all overall in short
above among around
behind below beyond
nearby in front of next to

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Free Transition Word List PDF for Elementary and Middle School Students