I Am Lucky St Patricks Day Activity

St. Patrick’s Day Activity | Free Printable PDF

Use this FREE printable activity in March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and support reflection! The PDF worksheet linked below provides students with a creative way to show appreciation and gratitude. First, students fill the rainbow with four things that make them lucky. Encourage students to think about big things (like health and school) and small things (like Roblox and pizza). After that, students can color the rainbow in their favorite colors. 

Here are some ideas for using the worksheet to extend learning:

  • Add it to your March literacy centers
  • Use it to introduce a writing activity, “I am lucky because…” 
  • Have a class discussion about good luck charms
  • Use it as an introductory activity for any St. Patrick’s Day lesson plan  

This St. Patrick’s Day printable would also work well for fast finishers, sub plans, or as a rainy day activity. Download it for FREE today!

St Patricks Day Free Coloring Worksheet

If you want to add a fun twist to the activity, provide students with “lucky” categories. School, for example, can be a category. Ask students to identify something about school they appreciate. There is space on the worksheet for four categories. I’ve listed additional category ideas below. 

  • Health
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Travel 
  • Technology 
  • Food & drink 
  • Home 
  • Hobbies

St Patricks Day Free printable

Pair this activity with an “I Am Lucky” writing prompt to focus on expository writing skills. Use the rainbow worksheet as a brainstorming activity to kick off the writing process. Click HERE to see the complete lesson plan.

I Am Lucky Writing Activity

Get everything you need for a step-by-step St. Patrick’s Day writing activity! The step-by-step printable and digital lesson linked below includes two graphic organizers, paragraph outline, thankful writing paper, grading rubric, and examples! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and practice writing skills!

“I Am Lucky” Writing Activity 

I Am Lucky Writing Activity

Here’s what teachers are saying about the “I Am Lucky” Writing Activity:

✏️ “My students were very successful with this activity. A perfect progression! They also engaged in some very deep thinking which is always a plus! -Kerri P.

✏️ “My students enjoyed this. I love the structure that was provided for students that needed a little more scaffolding.” -Jennifer S.

St Patricks Day Writing Graphic Organizer
St Patricks Day Writing Activity Tree Map
St Patricks Day Writing Outline
St Patricks Day Writing Activity Example

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St. Patrick\'s Day Activity for Kids | Free Printable PDF