Historical Travel Brochure and Research Project

Build research and writing skills with a historical travel brochure project. Your students will have a chance to research a historical location and create a unique travel brochure, a perfect way to showcase learning!

Civil War Battle Stations Activity

Introduce or review the decisive battles of the Civil War using a station activity. An engaging lesson for getting your students up, moving, and learning about the Civil War!

Preparing Students for Successful Presentations

Prepare your students for successful oral presentations by identifying the causes and effects of stage fright; explaining the appropriate use of voice, gestures, and posture; and reviewing the grading rubric ahead of time.

Increase Reading Comprehension with Timelines

Facilitate reading comprehension with timelines! You can use a variety of different timeline styles to help students organize information into a concise summary, identify cause and effect, or to compare and contrast different approaches to the same topic or event.

4 Major Benefits of Close Reading

There are several major benefits for incorporating close reading into your curriculum. Close reading mirrors the Common Core State Standards, embraces differentiation, encourages critical thinking, and support cross-curricular instruction.

5 Critical Components of Primary Source Analysis

Five useful components of primary source analysis that have the power to increase students' overall depth of knowledge and critical thinking skills.  Providing background information, front loading vocabulary, scaffolding instruction with guided questioning, summarizing, and developing extension activities are critical to the success of teaching students how to effectively analyze primary sources.

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